Keep Calm and Canter On

by Replacer

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released November 7, 2012



all rights reserved
Track Name: I'm Not A Pony
I'm not a pony who really has a whole lot to say
And all I want to know is that everything's ok
But some ponies have so many pieces and they're so hard to see
That all I can do is try to watch until they come back to me
Track Name: Imbecile
Well my wings are all I need now, I swear to Her I live in style
Come here, close your eyes and maybe stay a while
Let me introduce you to an imbecile

Well you're gonna have to wait round if you want to see me fly
Watch close, look beyond the friendship in your eye
Don't worry please and if you have to let me die
Please be still

One pegasus to hold off the rain who thinks he has it tough
No option but to break a heart so he flies away
Six ponies move together, Equestria will be enough
With two to rule and oversee the night and the day

You'll be wise to watch your step if you want to walk the clouds with me
Take flight before the whole thing ends in tragedy
Don't be afraid, so much remains for you to see
Track Name: Unfurled
You'd better mind yourself
And find yourself a mind
To share your secrets with
All the world

You'd better find yourself
And mind your manners when
She wakes you from your dream
Wings unfurled

Hello, my name is Happy :)

You better show yourself
Cause you know what you know
She promised to unravel the world

But you can change it all
And when the music plays
You can bring back those days
Wings unfurled
Track Name: A New Place
I think I'm changing my mind
Need to follow myself
I don't know what I'll find

You think I'm going astray
But I promise you now
Nothing happened today

There's one thing I request of you now
To join me when I fly
Equestria is vast and unknown
It's easy if you try

I think I'm changing my style
Need to find a new place
And it's making me smile

When everything becomes new
I hope I will be there
And I'm counting on you

There's one thing I request of you now
To join me when I fly
Equestria is vast and unknown
It's easy if you try